What Do Wild Rabbits Drink

We often have heard a lot of times that naturally the body will consist on different amount of water and same is the case with the rabbits. Their overall body of a rabbit will be based on two-third of water and it will add some of the unbeatable nutrients to his body. This water intake will be quite easier for the domestic rabbit as you will provide them water in a bowl or bottle as much as they would like to have but the real question is about those who are dealing as pets and are wonder in forest. So, this article is going to reveal some of the aesthetic facts that must not be missed at all but make sure you keep reading this article till the end to get maximum out of this post.

As we have already mentioned that water will let the rabbits get a lot of the essential nutrients but will also let them keep the body temperature normal which is since from (102 °F to 103 °F). In forest there wouldn’t be any random people to provide the proper water to the wild rabbits so they have to manage naturally, and you would be quite glad to know. So, without any further due let’s get started.

How much water a rabbit would need in 24 hours is a worth knowing fact because how they will manage to get specific amount of water is something else. The water consume by the rabbit will be according to the age or breed but apart from this they will consume the water to breath or to deal with other body activities. Naturally rabbits can use water for their body needs in three different ways in which the followings are included:

  • Water intake by drinking
  • By consuming the food such as fruits or vegetables that contains water such as carrot, hay, spinach and many others.
  • Due to getting the different food items the natural chemical reaction called metabolic water will also be increased that will keep the rabbits hydrated.

Same like human beings, rabbits are tending to crave for water rather than to have a proper meal because it would be quite easier for them to survive without food but without having water it will not be possible for them at all. According to the experts, if a rabbit has to lose their body fat or protein due to not getting enough food will be normal but in case, they lose more than 10% of water they can easily fall sick and even can die. This clearly shows up that, rabbits would need more water than having a proper meal.

To predict the exact water intake by the rabbits will be quite harder because it varies depending upon the natural condition, for example, in summers they are tend to go for more water intake but it will automatically reduce in winters. Apart from the water quantity the quality is also not neglectable at all, because having the clear water will also add up a lot mineral to the rabbit body but in case the water is not clear then it will not only push them to get sick but also the reproduction system will clearly be damaged. So even if you have the domestic rabbits you must have to take care of their hygiene from their living place to their water as well as food.

Wild rabbits are natural water hunters and they will easily collect water from puddles, ponds and even from the plants. For the wild rabbits it will be quite easier to grab the water if they are residing in the snowy area and even if they are on the dry zone then still some of the leafy vegetables and hay will keep them hydrated to some extent.

If you are living in an area where there could be wild rabbits around then you must have to arrange a bigger water bowl and have to grow some of the leafy greens in your backyard so they could fulfil their diet needs without hovering around. Furthermore, you can determine the signs if the dehydration in any of the rabbit by examining their skin and urine color to rescue them on time. According to the experts, the bigger in size rabbits are tend to be alive for longer even due to intense dehydration issues but it will be quite harder for the mini ones.

The wild streams are something more than a blessing for the wild rabbits so they can get maximum out of it regardless the season. Even if you have the domestic rabbits and wanted to change their diet routine over the time then you can do so but you shouldn’t have to mess with the water intake cycle that simply means, let them consume water as much as they wanted to keep themselves hydrated.


Nature will never do any kind of injustice with anyone and same is the case with the wild rabbits, they might not have as much facilities as the domestic rabbits does have but still, they manage to survive with sufficient water and food intake. If there is a pet rabbit around then you can dive into our previous posts that will let you have some of the amazing rabbit pellets for your furry bunnies. Regardless this, if there are some questions or you wanted to share some information with us then feel free to use the given below comment section or simply reach us via provided email.

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