How To Bake The Oil Out Of Your Bowling Ball

Being a pro beginner you already know that bowling lane will have different oil patterns to hold the ball on track to get the maximum pins down but have you ever thought that how you will remove that oil out of the ball? Because majority of the balls will absorb the high amount of oil after every strike but majority of the users would like to clean it after every use. Baking is the major term that you would choose to eliminate the oil from the ball pores after heating it up.

The oil absorbed by the ball can be clean in different ways but in this article, we will only highlight the methods that will includes only heating methods. It is because the heating methods are tend to be the best ones with better results to take out the oil absorbed by the bowling balls.


Bucket Of Hot Water:

  • You don’t have to throw a lot of hassle but instead of this just have to take a single bucket which must be according to the size ball that needs to be oil free.
  • Take the bucket and ball under the tap of hot water and pour the hot water to soak the ball properly.
  • Once you notice the oil over the top of the water then you have to waste the water and have to refill it.
  • Keep repeating this method until you are not feeling like the ball is oil free.
  • When you get satisfied with the oil absorbed by the ball is no more, then you can dry the ball accordingly.


  • Simply wrap up the ball in a towel and place In front of fireplace or heater but make sure you heat it up evenly.
  • You will start feeling the oil over ball is start getting out, remove it once and repeat the process until you don’t get the right results.

Remove Oil While Blow Drying Your Hair:

  • This is one of the fun ways to remove the oil from the ball by simply giving the heat with blow dryer while wrapping it up in the towel.
  • Same as the last method you can repeat until the desired for results.

Use Dishwasher:

  • Set the dishwasher options on the normal cleaning mode and place the bowling ball in there.
  • Keep cleaning it until you don’t feel it oil free.


Getting the oil out of the ball will not bound you to any of the specific method but there are numberless methods that can be used to get the desired results. Before considering any of the method make sure you take all the safety precautions.

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