How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting

Greasing is one of the much-needed process that shouldn’t be missed if you really wanted to keep your bigger industrial or non-industrial machines. The major task during greasing is joining the grease gun to the various kinds of the fittings and out of all the major ones the zerk fitting is on the top of the list. Fitting the zerk into the greasing gun is quite easier task to do but many of the new people will find it hard to do. So, by keeping in mind all of those people we have are going to unfold some easiest possible steps that will take your overall functionality to another level. Before starting the next section, we would like to highlight that you might find it harder to set the zerk fitting to the grease gun due to high clogged tip so after every use, keep it clean will prevent the issue.

Even if the zerk fitting is clogged internally as well then you can use the various solvents to push the harder grease to come out to normalized the grease flow.

So, Without Wasting Any Further Time Let’s Get Started.

  • Assemble the grease gun with the provided hose and make it a perfect package to pass out the grease to the zerk fitting with the help of the 4 jaw construction coupler.
  • The 4 jaw coupler is quite magical one because it will change its position manually and over the time when you will turn it for screwing it will start getting closed.
  • The zerk fitting is the smaller nipple like fitting that has ball bearing with along hole threads. You just have to put in the zerk fitting into the coupler to let the magic happen.
  • Now start twisting down the coupler so the zerk fitting get into it to fit perfectly for the later use.
  • This is the last magical step that you need to ensure is, keep checking the tightness of the zerk fitting to avoid any kind of the performance hiccups later. If you are sure about the joint then you can start greasing your desired machinery part.


Greasing your desired equipment will take away the wear off issues from them that can be there due to high collision. Greasing might not as easier as it sounds, but with the combination of better grease gun and with some basic knowledge about the grease gun you can deal with it perfectly. Zerk fitting is one of the most common and functional fitting and joining it along with the grease gun might be tricky but we have made as easier as it could be with the above-mentioned simple methods. Make sure the end results are flawless so the grease doesn’t pop out of the pipe due to high pressure. For more details or information, you can write us via email or given below comment section.

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